17 Dec 2016

Julia Jacklin live in session

From RNZ Music, 2:40 pm on 17 December 2016
Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin Photo: Tony Stamp

Julia Jacklin has one of the most fascinating press biographies that has recently come across our desk: At 10 years of age, she was determined to pursue a musical career after watching a documentary about Britney Spears ("it was my first existential crisis").  She consequently convinced her mother to enrol her into singing lessons, which she continued until the age of 15, when her adolescent spirit could no longer conform to the classical repertoire she had been taught.

Julia's commitment to fulfil her aspirations saw her commuting three hours daily from her Blue Mountains home into Sydney's inner city to attend Newtown Performing Arts High School.  It was the place where everyone was into drama, competing for leading roles or writing their own pieces, Julia recalls that it was a stunning contrast to her old local high school, where "there were only about 10 of us into drama."

Post-high school saw Julia working at an essential oils factory, which she describes as "intense". It was also the period where Julia began to write her debut album Don't Let The Kids Win. The album focuses on her next existential conundrum, where she and friends were experiencing their quarter life crises. 

The album's worth of songs were recorded at Ben Edward's Lyttelton studio, The Living Room, which Julia describes as "the most perfect time".

Now that she's got an album under her belt, an upcoming US tour and an appearance at next year's Laneway Festival, the crisis is somewhat averted, it looks like Julia is taking the win.

Music details

Artist: Julia Jacklin
Songs: Elizabeth, Don't Let The Kids Win
Composer: Jacklin
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording