20 May 2017

Annabel Alpers, FKA Bachelorette

From RNZ Music, 2:40 pm on 20 May 2017
Annabel Alpers

Annabel Alpers Photo: Jana Whitta

You may remember her swirling electronic pop songs from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, or seen her live in your town in the mid 2000s. But for the last few years, Annabel Alpers AKA Bachelorette has been laying low in Baltimore, Maryland, a place she now calls home.

Annabel started her musical career playing in surf rock bands in Christchurch in the ‘90s. She gained increasing popularity with her solo act Bachelorette in the mid to late 2000s, releasing The End of Thing EP, Isolation Loops, My Electric Family, and her eponymous last release in 2011, which sent Annabel on an extensive tour of the United States with some of our favourite indie stalwarts, The Magnetic Fields, Animal Collective, Beach House and Bonnie Prince Billy.

Annabel Alpers 2

Annabel Alpers 2 Photo: Jana Whitta

Since then we’ve heard little from the electronic songstress. So when RNZ’s Jana Whitta was recently in Baltimore, she jumped on the opportunity to sit down and have a korero with Annabel at the American Visionary Art Museum. They discussed the past, present and future, of Alpers’ musical ventures.

Here's Annabel's Kickstarter, as mentioned in the story.