20 May 2017

Luke Yeoward solo on 'Ghosts'

From RNZ Music, 3:30 pm on 20 May 2017
Luke Yeoward

Luke Yeoward Photo: Alex Behan

After his band King Cannons collapsed just as they were starting to enjoy success, Luke Yeoward found himself stepping away from music completely.

"I'd always heard that you have to walk away to be reinviogorated but I never believed it. But the truth is music is an emotional and spiritual process. It was a really simple time, I meditated a lot, I worked and I was happy. Then about a year ago I felt I had to express myself again."

The result is Luke's debut solo album 'Ghosts' which was created with a few close collaborators in America. The result is an album with touches of Jamacian music, brushes of Bruce Springsteen, and lyrics that reflect a man maturing from his punk rock beginnings and finding his place in the world around him.