16 Sep 2017

London Grammar

From RNZ Music, 3:30 pm on 16 September 2017
London Grammar

London Grammar Photo: Supplied

When your debut album hits number 2 on the UK charts and sells double platinum there is going to be pressure from all corners on your follow up album. For London Grammar who's powerful and personal songs driven by the dramatic voice of Hannah Reid, that was definitely the case as guitarist Dan Rothman explains.

"I don't think we were under any illusion it would be anything but difficult. but it was a really good experience, we knew it was gong to be dark, but i think we're really happy with the result."

Of course bands debut albums tend to be the summation of their musical achievements up until that point, and if successful, bands are asked to quickly follow up with a new set of songs. but generally speaking all they've been doing since their first album was released is tour, tour tour.

"I think there's no doubt that the lyrical content of the album is about that exact feeling, that feeling of what happened to us? What experiences have we had? Have we changed as people because of it?" 

'Truth is a beautiful thing' is the result and as well as expanding lyrically, the sound of the album has also become more expansive and they are looking forward to bringing that show to New Zealand for one show at the end of September.