1 Sep 2012

Bailterspace - Strobosphere

From RNZ Music
Bailterspace (feat Brent Alistair Hamish)

Bailterspace (feat Brent Alistair Hamish) Photo: Gemma Gracewood

Formed in Christchurch in 1987, they were first known as Nelsh Bailter Space. the current lineup is former Gordons members Alister Parker and Brent MacLachlan - though they more than compensate for their smaller number with layers and layers...and layers of noise. Bailter Space have been described as "the Sonic Youth of the Southern Hemisphere" and 'Strobosphere' is their first new album in 13 years. It's being released on Ben Howe's Arch Hill records here in New Zealand. These days Alister and Brent are long time residents of New York City. Our USA correspondent Gemma Gracewood dragged herself away from the Republican National Convention to speak with them in their subterranean Hell's Kitchen hideaway. 1 September 2012.