15 Dec 2006

Amine Ramer - music superviser

From RNZ Music
Amine Ramer

Amine Ramer Photo: supplied

New Zealander Amine Ramer left Auckland over ten years ago with a science degree and a passion for music. She settled in Los Angeles, and became a booking agent, then band manager for the Brian Jonestown Massacre, a club booker and music licenser before finding out that there was a job that entailed selecting and placing music in film and TV- that of a music supervisor. She says it seemed the next best thing to being a DJ. Amine spent a year or so on minimum wage gaining the knowledge and work experience she needed, before setting up her own company, States Of Sound. Music Mix reporter Kirsten Johnstone caught up with Amine while she was in New Zealand for the 2006 Warrant Of Fitness seminars.