12 Jun 2010

Rhian and Raashi in India

From RNZ Music

Rhian and Raashi at the Taj Mahal.
Rhian and Raashi at the Taj Mahal.

Soak up some of the sounds of India in this guided musical tour. New Zealand born Indian Raashi Malik, and her husband composer Rhian Sheehan went to India to work on some of Raashi's solo debut. Raashi is best known as a member of Rhombus, and she is a talented singer and pianist in her own right.

Armed with a lap-top studio, microphones, a hand-held recorder and a few contacts, the pair recorded traditional musicians in Delhi and Mumbai, and some distinctive sounds of India - the haunting 'Call To Prayer' or Azaan, the cacophonous traffic noise, and fearsome thunder storms during Monsoon. Along the way they came across singing Rajasthani camel handlers, a New Zealander learning under one of the best Bansuri (traditional flute) masters in India, and Buddhist monks chanting high in the mountains near Nepal. Raashi and Rhian performed for a yacht party filled with all the glamour and wealth of Bollywood and a dance party in the desert.

Produced by Kirsten Johnstone.

Raashi and Rhian in India
In the studio in Delhi.