11 Aug 2007

The Cure's Robert Smith

From RNZ Music, 5:00 pm on 11 August 2007
Robert Smith of The Cure, 2007

Robert Smith of The Cure, 2007 Photo: creative commons

Robert Smith has been at the helm of The Cure for forty years, steering them from the early days as a 'school band' through new wave, gothic psychedelia, inventive electro-pop and on to being a singular voice in a genre entirely of their own.

At the time of this interview (2007) recording of the 13th Cure album has just been completed; but to the record company's bemusement, The Cure have chosen not to wait until the double album was mixed and released before embarking on a world tour.

Robert Smith says he started a band to play music rather than market a product, so it makes perfect sense to him.On the eve of The Cure's first visit to New Zealand in 15 years, Smith explained various stages of the band's history to Troy Ferguson.