3 Feb 2012

The Clash - Joe Strummer interview Wellington 1982

From RNZ Music

Interviewer Peter Johnston, who donated this historic audio to RNZ explains: "I was programme director of RadioActive in 1982, my second year of varsity. Whenever an overseas band came to town, we would pester the promotions people at the record companies for an interview/press conference invite. So I called the guy at CBS and got an invite to the press conference. This was initially to be held at the Railway Station, but when the record company people arrived they got freaked out by a couple of punks waiting outside and thought that word had leaked (I'd been sworn to secrecy, CBS were really worried about gatecrashers for some reason). So the venue changed to a floating crane barge or something that was tied up to the wharf. We made a beeline for Joe as soon as the band arrived. Not sure the other media people there had any idea who the members of the band were anyway! Then we chatted to Topper for a bit - the other two guys (Mick and Paul) were being far too cool for school. Meeting Joe Strummer was unforgettable."