3 Jun 2011

Crass - Steve Ignorant

From RNZ Music

Thatcher-era U.K. anarcho-punk band Crass - Penny Rimbaud, Steve Ignorant, and later Eve Libertine, Joy De Vivre and others - wrote songs about capitalism and consumerism, racism and feminism, public policy, religion and the Faulklands War. Artist Gee Vaucher created intricate album covers that re-iterated the 'Crass manifesto', everything was branded with their own Crass cross, and they dressed in militant black. The band ended in 1984 but continued to be hugely influential. Of course it would be selling out to get the band back together - but Steve Ignorant wanted the world to hear Crass songs live again. In 2007 he performed the entire 1978 debut album 'The Feeding of the 5000' at two special gigs in London, and now he's performing Crass songs under the tour banner 'The Last Supper' with a backing band.