13 Feb 2010

Connan Mockasin

From RNZ Music

Connan Mockasin talks about his debut LP - 'Please Turn Me In To The Snat' - and other mythical creatures.... Tales of a young blonde bluesman who played guitar with his teeth spread fast when Connan and the Mockasins first started playing around NZ in 2004. With his cult-leader-ish abilities to capture an audience, Connan won fans with his peculiar voice, childlike subject matter and command of the electric guitar. His stints in the UK since 2006 have included a collaboration with Fatboy Slim, offers of contracts by major labels, touring with like-minded experimental acts Micachu and Late Of The Pier, a remix for The Teenagers, and numerous festival appearances. The Mockasins is now an ever revolving cast - last time we saw the band it was Liam and Elroy Finn. Connan's almost ditched the guitar completely, preferring autoharps, imaginative voice effects, and pedals. His debut is a strange beast - it's called 'Please Turn Me In To The Snat' which - if you're wondering - is half snake, half rat. Kirsten Johnstone asked him why the album took so long.