1 Jun 2012

The Backyard featuring Rodney Fisher

From RNZ Music

Rodney Fisher is best known as one of the two singers and songwriters in Goodshirt, the 90s Auckland group which reformed in mid 2012. Fisher's been busy since the band went on hiatus, he toured with Breaks Co Op through New Zealand and the UK, and subsequently stayed in London, putting on big-band-folk-alt-country shows before returning home. Long before that Rodney recorded a kind of solo album with Andy Lovegrove of Breaks Co Op - and that has finally been released, under the name Songs From The Backyard featuring Rodney Fisher. Music reporter Richard Wain has been on the case for the last six or seven years on and off - even watching Rodney play a show in old London town. Richard and Rodney finally sat down at the very Sandringham, Auckland studios where The Backyard project was recorded.