3 Jun 2009


From RNZ Music, 11:00 am on 3 June 2009

Bachelorette is the name Annabel Alpers uses to release her girl meets machine electro-pop. She released her debut EP 'Isolation Loops' in 2006. For that album she took her machines into an old cabin on the Canterbury plains, and secluded herself until it was finished. For the follow up album 'My Electric Family' she started out the same way, but in the end enlisted more humans than machines- namely Tom Watson and Craig Terris from Cassette, and Dino Karlis from H.D.U. She's also enlisted a band for her live performances - Craig on Drums, Evelyn 'Pikelet' Morris on various instruments, and Dale Cotton on sound. In early June 2009 they left on a 31 date US tour, off the back of the albums release on respected indie label Drag City. Kirsten Johnstone caught up with Annabel to talk about the expanding brood.