30 Oct 2013

Artist of the Week: Lou Reed tribute

From RNZ Music, 11:00 am on 30 October 2013

Marty Duda plays tribute to influential New York musician Lou Reed following his death on 27 October 2013.

As a founding member of The Velvet Underground and then as a solo artist, Lou Reed was one of the most influential musicians and songwriters of the last 50 years. Songs like 'Venus In Furs', 'I'm Waiting For The Man', 'Heroin' and 'Walk On The Wild Side' took listeners to places popular songs had never previously even gone near.

Reed's notorious lifestyle left many fans wondering if he would make it through the 1970s, but he survived to the age of 71, creating a body of work that constantly pushed boundaries and took people by surprise. His latest album was a controversial collaboration with Metallica called Lulu. Without Lou Reed, music would sound much less interesting today.

1. 'Rock & Roll' (4:47) - The Velvet Underground taken from 1970 album Loaded (Cotillion)
2. 'Walk On The Wild Side' (4:12) - Lou Reed taken from 1972 album Transformer (RCA)
3. 'Dirty Blvd.' (3:29) - Lou Reed taken from 1989 album, New York (Sire)
4. 'Set The Twilight Reeling' (5:04) - Lou Reed taken from 1996 album Set The Twilight Reeling (Warner Bros.)