26 Apr 2014

Stages: The Cabana

From RNZ Music

The Cabana
Ephemera in the men’s toilet at The Cabana / photo by Anthonie Tonnon.

In the 1970s New Zealand rock and pop bands could appear on a circuit of either DB or Lion Brewery pubs around the country, playing dozens of venues on a single tour, and sometimes even playing a run of shows at each venue.

The Cabana in Napier hosted Th' Dudes for a four-night stand in 1979, and is one of the few venues from that era that is a live music venue today. The late Ian Morris, guitarist and songwriter for Th' Dudes, helped reopen the Cabana in 2008. Find out more about this story at The Wireless: The Cabana, on the old circuit and AudioCulture: Rocking the Cabana

For this episode of Stages: The Cabana Radio New Zealand music reporter Anthonie Tonnon visits Napier to talk about the venue - then and now - starting with The Eastern's Adam McGrath.