20 Jun 2014

Beatle John Lennon's kiwi connection

From RNZ Music

Lynda Mathews holding her photo with John Lennon and his autograph panorama Photos Diego Opatowski RNZ
Lynda Mathews holding her photo with John Lennon, and the autograph he gave her when they met in the St George Hotel, Wellington in 1964. Photo RNZ/ Diego Opatowski.

"Getting through the crowd was really hard because the police had to take us through and girls were spitting and obviously there was anger that we were getting through and they couldn't. Then we were just sitting in their bedrooms and drinking and talking. And they all came in to see me as they came out of having had a shower"

Radio New Zealand reporter Christopher Gilbert talks to John Lennon's second cousin, Lynda Mathews of Upper Hutt, about the day she met her famous relation, fifty years ago.