28 Jun 2014

Pulp: A Film About Life Death and Supermarkets

From RNZ Music

PULP music documentary

It’s a delightful pairing, that of surrealist documentary filmmaker Florian Habicht and self-declared ‘miserabilist’ Jarvis Cocker.  Both have a gift for capturing the spirit of the everyday and turning it into something extraordinary.

Just six weeks before Pulp’s 2012 homecoming show, what was to be the last in their run of reunion shows, Florian and Jarvis met over a cup of tea to hatch plans for a music documentary. Both were determined to cast Pulp’s great muse, Sheffield, in the starring role.

Florian and Jarvis talk Pulp: A Film about Life, Death and Supermarkets with Emma Smith.  Florian begins by describing the scene at the Sheffield premier earlier this month.