Thursday 10 December 2009, with Bryan Crump

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The other evolutionist

7:15 PM.The development of species through natural selection isn't the only evolutionary path, history can evolve as well. This is the aim of Dr John van Whye who is outing the self-effacing scientist and co-father of the theory of evolution, Alfred Russel Wallace. Dr Whye intends to change the way we look at Charles Darwin's legacy and credit some of its work to the other evolutionist.

Antarctic oceania

8:45 PM.NIWA oceanographer Craig Stevens, fresh from the the southern ice flows, joins Bryan to talk about the Antarctic semantics of sea-ice versus ice-shelves as well as important notions of climate change indicative in the southern ocean.


8:59 PM.Clue 7.


9:59 PM.Clue 8.

Nights for Thursday 10 December 2009

7 pm News & Weather

7:15 The Other Evolutionist

Dr John Van Wyhe, director, The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

The life and work of scientist Alfred Russel Wallace and the relationship he had with Charles Darwin as they both developed their theories on evolution and natural selection.

7:30 Spectrum

People, places and events in New Zealand.

8 pm News & Weather

8:15 Windows on the World

International public radio documentaries

8:45 Salty Water - oceans

Craig Stevens, oceanographer, NIWA

Antarctic sea ice.

8:59 Conundrum: Clue 7

9 pm News & Weather

9:06 Our Changing World

Radio New Zealand's science and environment programme.

9:59 Conundrum: Clue 8

10 pm News & Weather

10:17 Late Edition

A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

11 pm News & Weather

11:06 In Concert

A collaboration between friends, Auckland super group, Liam Finn and Friends.