9 May 2017

Truck life

From Nights, 7:10 pm on 9 May 2017

Phil Tuesdale owns a truck, nothing too fancy, a 1992 Mitsubishi L300 if you’re a truck spotter type. But this truck has had quite a life.

Phil is the only one in his circle of friends who has a truck – he's a plumber by trade - and his mates are always asking to borrow it.

When someone asked him to use the track to carry a fake horse to Trentham racecourse in the Hutt valley, he decided it was time to put his truck's many missions on record.

And so Truck Life was born. With the encouragement of his sister, he was given the task of taking 30 photos of his truck, involved in various adventures, over 30 days.

That has now blown out to 120 photos and the uses for 'The Truck' are getting more elaborate.

“We always used the phrase 'truck life' when we were doing something, moving a couch or taking something to the dump for my friends - I always like helping people.”

The Truck has staged a wedding, hosted golf, boxing and table tennis. It has been a vege garden, part of a bike jump and has been swathed Christo-like in wrapping paper.

Phil says he’d love the project to form the basis of a coffee table book - or at least his sister would - and he’s planning to keep recording the exploits of The Truck for another year.

He says he is open to suggestions for further tableaux.