Our Own Odysseys: Caribbean Cricket

From Nights

From Nights 28 August 2012

In 1996, Hamish McDouall spent six weeks island hopping through the tropical West Indies following the New Zealand cricketers on tour.

Images courtesy of Hamish McDouall

The north Trinidad coastline near Maracar Beach.

One of the enormous mansions in Port-o-Spanish around the Savannah, Trinidad and Tobago.

One of the Pitons in St Lucia.

Wooden buildings in Castries, St Lucia.

Gouyave, a small town in St Vincent.

Cricket in St Vincent.

Beach cricket in St Vincent.

St George's, capital of Grenada.

Colonial buildings in Georgetown, Guyana.

The "Monarch of the Sea" dominates St John's, capital of Antigua.

The old stadium in St John's, Antigua, with dancing platform in front.

Hamish and Kiwis. April/May '96, West Indies cricket tour. Hamish is in the middle with the beginnings of dreadlocks.

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