Robin Hammond - human rights photographer

From Nine To Noon, 10:06 am on 27 August 2014

Robin Hammond croppedNew Zealand-born human rights photographer Robin Hammond won photojournalism's equivalent of the Booker prize – The W Eugene Smith Memorial Fund Prize in humanitarian photography, last year. The award was for a two-year project called Condemned which documented living conditions of people with mental illness in many strife-torn African regions.

Gallery: Photographs by Robin Hammond

He’s also photographed life in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe; the plight of Roma in Italy, rising sea levels in Tuvalu, and the dark side of making Gap and Levi jeans.

Robin Hammond lives in Paris, but is back in Wellington to give a public lecture at Massey University, from where he graduated. He’s also a winner of the 2014 World Press Photo competition, and his work is part of that exhibition opening in Wellington on Friday 29 August.

Kathryn Ryan talks with the photographer.