27 Jan 2015

Brian Boyd on Vladimir Nabokov's letters

From Nine To Noon, 11:22 am on 27 January 2015

Brian Boyd is the author of a new collection of previously unseen letters from Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov to his beloved wife, Vera. Professor Boyd has written and edited 19 books and over 250 articles and an extensive website on Nabokov and his work has been translated into fifteen languages and received many awards. In recent years, Professor Boyd has become interested in new evolutionary and cognitive approaches to literature and the arts, exploring why we engage in art and storytelling and whether our minds and behaviour have been shaped and can be reshaped by art and literature. In November 2014 he was awarded the Humanities Aronui Medal from the Royal Society of New Zealand for outstanding and wide-ranging contribution to the humanities. Letters to Vera is published by Penguin Classics.