24 Feb 2016

Worries that proven maths programme could lose funding

From Nine To Noon, 9:15 am on 24 February 2016

A maths expert with proven success for a programme she helped set up for low decile schools is worried about running out of funding. Pasifika maths educator Roberta - or Bobbie - Hunter from Massey University has been running the inquiry based teaching project for over five years. Children learn by talking together in groups about maths problems that are set in a real world context with that relate to their lives or culture. Bobbie Hunter says the success of the programme is that it re-positions students approach to learning..... children participate more actively in their lessons and they become more articulate and engaged with the work. "Bobbie Maths" is now taught in 28 low decile schools; 22 in Auckland, 6 in Porirua and one in Christrchurch. But there is no assurance funding will be rolled over after this year. And with changes to the way the Ministry will fund professional development of teachers still being worked out, Bobbie Hunter says the picture for specialist maths teachers and schools is unclear.