10 Mar 2016

Andrea Tornielli on what the Pope really thinks

From Nine To Noon, 10:11 am on 10 March 2016
Pope Francis

Credit: Open source Photo: open source

Vatican reporter, Andrea Tornielli who has collaborated with the Pope on his new book: Pope Francis: The Name of God is Mercy.

A Conversation with Andrea Tornielli explores a central theme of the current Pope's teachings - forgiveness.

Pope Francis speaks of the value of confession as a means for self-reflection and of how there is no justice if there is no forgiveness.

But the Catholic Church has been struggling with its own demons and issues of justice.

The Oscar-winning film Spotlight about the US coverup of pedophile priests has once again highlighted the issue that has plagued it over the last few years; the extent to which the church has covered up the abuse by its clergymen.

Andrea Tornielli has been reporting on the Vatican since the 1990's and has authored over 50 books.