13 Jul 2016

Naif Al-Mutawa: Superheros fighting extremism.

From Nine To Noon, 10:14 am on 13 July 2016

Kuwaiti entrepreneur, clinical psychologist and cartoonist Dr Naif Al-Mutawa created comic book series 'The 99', presenting positive Muslim role models. 

After 9/11 he wanted children, including his own, to have Muslim heroes who were not advocating violence. His 99 heros from 99 countries were the first Islamic comic superheroes. 

Based on the 99 attributes of Allah, Naif's cartoons have drawn plaudits from around the world, including from President Obama.

They've inspired  a TV series, even a theme park. But they've come at a cost.  Naif has received death threats from ISIS and been charged with blasphemy.

He talks to Kathryn Ryan.