11 Aug 2016

Parenting: Videogames

From Nine To Noon, 11:25 am on 11 August 2016

James Portnow is a video game developer and writer for the Extra Credits YouTube series about the role of games in society.

He says that video gaming is not supposed to be a babysitter, but can be a great way of bonding.

“As long as you are there with the child while they are doing this activity.”

He says that a child will get huge amount from a parent watching and asking them questions about the game and is an excellent way for them to examine the game and to learn.

Games can teach persistence - games reward you for sticking with them, repeatedly trying and failing and eventually succeeding, Portnow says.

They can also teach real world skills - communication, problem solving, spatial thinking, data and processing.

He says Pokemon Go is a great example of a game that can create a collaborative learning experience for families.

James Portnow talks to Kathryn Ryan about haw parents can utilise video games in learning and bonding with their children.