Kennedy Warne - Denniston Plateau

From Nine To Noon

Kennedy Warne visits the Denniston plateau to explore a lost world of giant invertebrates in a Lilliputian forest.

Denniston Plateau looking towards Mt Rochfort

Denniston museum and dam

Top of Denniston incline

Aerial railway pylon and wildflowers

Sundews and moss beds on Denniston Plateau

Tiny comb ferns, part of the miniature forest of the plateau

Film-maker/photographer Rod Morris with pygmy pine forest

Carnivorous native flatworm

Native harvestman

Native velvet worm, peripatus

Native leaf-vein slug

Giant native snail on coral lichen

Native prowling spider

Native prowling spider

Native crayfish, koura

Escarpment edge, sheer drop 200 metres

Rod Morris on escarpment edge

Sandstone outcrop

Flaking mudstone

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