Dunbar Sloane

From Nine To Noon

Key items that have been auctioned with Dunbar Sloane in the last few years.

Royal Worcester Urn Shaped, Pedestal Vase • $17,625

Louis XV Ormolu Bracket Clock, • $29,312

Paul Storr silver table centre, London 1812 • $46,300

Rare Cased Pair of Taxidermy Huia Birds • $17,625

Anton Seuffert card table $62,505

Rare & Important Kiwi Feather Cloak (Kahu Kiwi) • $82,075

Samuel Marsden’s Mere given to his Daughter, Mary • $55,000

Pat Hanly Hope Vessel & Woman • $121,000

Colin Mccahon Necessary Protection • $59,000

C F Goldie A Midsummer Day, Maoriland • $235,000

Michael Illingworth Man With Red Tie • $70,500

John Pule Eke • $26,000

Chinese fisher girl by George Chinnery, c.1825 • $378,250 (world auction record since 1998 for an English artist's portrait)

Doulton Burslem enamelled tile • $27,200

Herbert Ponting - Forestalled! Amundsen's Tent at the South Pole. Silver gelatin print “B”. Simpson's signature to reverse • $3,500

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