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Noelle McCarthyJoin Noelle McCarthy for a morning of entertaining interviews, engaging music as well as a dip into what Her Majesty keeps in her handbag.

08:10 Legendary Radio New Zealand producer Jack Perkins

Jack and Noelle to take a look back at the Royal visit to New Zealand in 1953 which revolutionised how live events were broadcast.

08:45 Up and coming ... Scientists

On a day when amazing achievements are celebrated through the honours list, we're asking who are the names to look out for in the future. Peter Griffin from the Science Media Centre starts things off with a look at some people who may appear on future honours lists.

09:10 Phil Dampier

Royal correspondent Phil Dampier takes us through what the Queen keeps in her handbag along with some other royal secrets.

09:35 Up and coming ... The Art World

Josie McNaught takes a look at some people from the art world who are doing amazing work behind the scenes.

09:40 Isaac Hindin Miller on Royal fashion

Fashion blogger Isaac gives his assessment of the Royals who have been trendsetters and finds it was often the men who were the trailblazers ...

10:10 Kiwi Knights

Noelle speaks to two young Kiwi fellas who are about to embark on an adventure across Europe following in the footsteps of the Knights Templar. And there'll be no shortcuts; Max Evenbly and David Delia are doing the journey on foot.

10:30 Up and Coming ... Sports Stars

Sports commentator John McBeth gives us a few names to keep an eye out for in the future.

10:40 The Naked and Famous

This Auckland band are on the brink of something big. We'll talk about their new music and what the future holds for them.

11:10 Anna Hutchison

You'll know her from Shortland Street, Go Girls and Underbelly ... but very soon you'll be recognising Anna from starring in Hollywood movies. She'll be in the studio with Noelle talking about her career and making it big in LA.

11:30 Up and coming ... authors

Graham Beattie gives us his pick of New Zealand talent in the world of literature.

11:40 Pop Culture and the Queen with Troy Ferguson

We round off the programme with a tribute at punk icon Malcolm McLaren and manage to connect Vivienne Westwood and Margaret Thatcher with the Queen.

The Queen's visit.

Courtesy of listener Ray James.

The Queen's visit.

Courtesy of listener Liz Hibbs.

12:12 pm Matinee Idle

The guest on Matinee Idle will be Tim Finn, pop star and now movie star in the new film Predicament. In his honour we'll play lots of tracks from people who've gone the other way - movie actors who think they can sing!

The music special at 3pm will be an hour of the story behind Forties phenomenon Spike Jones and his City Slickers - booze! guns! musical toilets! professional gargling! And more stuff too humorous to mention...

5:38 pm Improv FM

Improvised comedy recorded before a live audience at Circa Theatre in Wellington. (RNZ)

6:06 pm A World of Possibilities: From Victims to Victors - Transcending Tragedy

While many of us are discouraged and some devastated by life's losses, a rare few not only survive but thrive in their wake -transcending tragedy, growing not despite but through it.

We've all known such people -- a cancer survivor, someone who's lost loved ones, maybe someone who experienced war, incarceration or abuse and somehow came out of it finding life all the sweeter for being so fragile and fleeting.

Such individuals don't simply endure; they transform. And through this transformation, they gain a new appreciation for life. (MMP)

10:15 pm What's the Word?

Sally Placksin discusses The Book of the City of Ladies, by Christine de Pisan - the medieval French poet who challenged misogyny and stereotypes and influenced powerful women in later eras, including Elizabeth I. (MLA)