15 Apr 2017

Professor Catherine Donnelly - A long history of cheese

From Saturday Morning, 11:40 am on 15 April 2017
Catherine Donnelly

Catherine Donnelly Photo: supplied

Three years ago, Professor Catherine Donelly, a University of Vermont nutrition and food science expert, was contacted by the Oxford University Press to compile and edit the first-ever Oxford Companion to Cheese.

Donnelly accepted the challenge and spent a year looking into around 1400 global cheeses and their histories and traditions, before a further two years spent working with over 300 writers in 35 countries to compile the world's most definitive cheese glossary.

At almost 900 pages, the Oxford Companion to Cheese hit shelves in time to inform the perfect Christmas cheese platter.

Besides being a cheese fanatic, Donnelly has also spoken out about 'cheese politics' - particularly onerous health and safety legislation that she says threatens Vermont's artisan cheese industry.