Gordon Noble-Campbell

From Saturday Morning, 8:09 am on 16 September 2017

Gordon Noble-Campbell is a private client services director for Forsyth Barr in Wellington. His mother was one of around 800 Poles, mainly children, who arrived in Wellington in 1944, having survived expulsion from Poland to Siberian war camps, then evacuation to Iran before reaching New Zealand at the invitation of then Prime Minister Peter Fraser. Noble-Campbell's mother lost four family members after the group escaped from the Siberian logging settlement of Jeglec in the middle of the 1941/42 winter. He will speak to Kim from Warsaw, Poland, where he's attending the 75th anniversary of the evacuation of Polish civilians from the Soviet Union to Iran in 1942, by General Wladyslaw Anders and the Polish Army. The commemoration includes a two-day conference followed by a day of remembrance in Warsaw on Sunday, September 17.