11 Nov 2017

Dr Cherie Lacey and Dr Catherine Caudwell

From Saturday Morning, 10:40 am on 11 November 2017

Dr Cherie Lacey is a lecturer in Media Studies and Dr Catherine Caudwell a lecturer in User Experience Design, both at Victoria University of Wellington. The pair have written a paper entitled "What do Home Robots Want?" (forthcoming in Convergence), which looks at the way home robot devices, often linked to personal digital devices, are deliberately created to look as cute as possible. This design feature of domestic robots creates what they describe as a kind of affective 'path of least resistance', in which personal data is willingly or unknowingly exchanged for experiences of intimacy and companionship with these robots. Dr Lacey and Dr Caudwell are currently writing a book on the same issue, called The Emotional Life of Social Robots: Towards a New Sociology of Human-Agent Interaction.