The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Tasmania

From Saturday Morning

Images of the museum and from its collection.

Discussed by Mary Kisler and Kim Hill on Saturday Morning, 26th January 2013

MONA exterior view


Wim Delvoye Cement Truck 2007

Head of a mummified cat, Egypt, Late Period to Ptolemaic, c. 664–30 BCE, Unknown, Animal remains, linen and resin.

Mummy and coffin of Pausiris Egypt, Ptolemaic to Roman Period, 100 BCE–CE 100, Unknown, Human remains encased in stucco plaster with glass eyes, incised and painted decoration.

Scan of remains of Pausiris. CT scans were performed on the body of Pausiris by Dr Gerald McInerney and Dr Andrew Saunders; and the visualizations created by Peter Morse and Paul Bourke.

Head of a man Italy, 1600-1700, Unknown, Cast and modelled beeswax with inset glass eyes and hair, pigment.

Meghan Boody. The Mice & Me, 2008, Clothed silicone life-cast figure with human hair and glass eyes, in stainless steel cabinet with moss, surgical kidney dish, beaver pelt, rodent feed, mice, timer and water pump system, edn 1/3 with unique components. Born 1964, New York, NY, USA, where she lives and works.

Meghan Boody. The Mice & Me, 2008 - detail.

Julius Popp bit.fall 2006–7, Computer, electronic devices, pump, 320 magnetic valves, stainless steel basin and water, edn 2/4. Born 1973, Nuremberg, West Germany; lives and works in Leipzig, Germany and New York, NY, USA.

Tunnel leading to library and other installations.

Anselm Kiefer, Sternenfall/Shevirath ha Kelim, (Falling Stars/Destruction of the Vessels), 2007. Bookcase comprising two iron elements with lead books (190-200 volumes) and glass. Born 1945, Donaueschingen, Germany; lived and worked 1993–2010 at Barjac, near Nîmes, France; and also since 2000 in Paris, France.

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