13 Dec 2014

The Secret Life of Instrument Repairers

From The Secret Life Of, 4:05 pm on 13 December 2014

Secret Life of Instrument Repairers Weta Guitars Mel crop
Mel Packer of Weta Guitars, photo by Samuel Scott.

"Quite a few people break their guitars. They always come in distraught that they've done it. But it's heat of the moment - if they're having a great gig and the crowd's going wild, well the guitar's going to be in the firing line. We just glue 'em back together. That [Gibson] SG I'm working on, that's the sixth time I've put the headstock back on that guitar. She's a gigger - she's out there working...."
 - Mel Packer, Weta Guitars.

Like most musicians, The Phoenix Foundation's Samuel Smashed Guitar PD ex wikiScott has a lot of broken musical equipment. Getting vintage gear fixed (or more broken) can be a long, confusing, heart-breaking journey into the homes of part-time electronics nerds and soldering geniuses. Samuel Scott investigates the secret world of instrument repair with Tim Prebble, Mel Packer of Weta Guitars, and Ben Fulton.

Here's Sam talking broken everything with his bandmate Tom Callwood as they make some special fake jazz together on their expertly repaired double bass and piano.

Music Details

Artist: Tom Callwood & Samuel Scott
Song: The Spent Fours
Composer: Tom Callwood & Samuel Scott
Album: Unreleased

Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Song: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Composer: Unkown, traditional
Album: The Christmas Album 2013
Label: Universal

Artist: Mark Kozelek
Song: Rock N Roll Singer
Composer: Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcom Young
Album: Rock N Roll Singer
Label: Badman

Artist: A-ha
Song: Take On Me
Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket, Pål Waaktaar
Album: Blur
Label: Food Records

Artist: Hugo Montenegro
Song: Moog Power
Composer: Hugo Montenegro
Album: Moog Power
Label: RCA

Artist: Bunnies On Ponies
Song: Bored Out Of My Brains
Composer: Samuel Scott
Album: Heat Death Of The Universe
Label: Flying Out

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