29 Nov 2008

The Secret Life of Music Teachers 1

From The Secret Life Of, 10:00 am on 29 November 2008

Music Lesson Guitar CC Tulane wiki
Guitar lesson. Photo: CC BY 2.0 Tulane.

Many people have memories - good and bad - of practicing an instrument and going to music lessons as a child.
For the teachers too, conveying the practical and theoretical aspects of music ranges between being a soul destroying challenge, and an exhilarating experience of shared inspiration.

In this programme we meet a 1950s rock obsessive who takes the coolest high school percussion classes in the country; a classically-trained violin teacher on a mission to make music compulsory; an avant garde guitarist who teaches his students never to listen to commercial radio and a choir teacher who truly believes everyone can sing.

Julie Hill meets these passionate souls who love to teach the world to sing, as well as play various musical instruments.