7 May 2011

The Secret Life of Music Publishers

From The Secret Life Of, 11:55 pm on 7 May 2011

Ever wonder how Gin Wigmore's 'Oh My' made it into the soundtrack of Desperate Housewives? Or how Minuit's 'I'm Still Dancing' ended up bridging one of Greys Anatomy's surgery/sex scene montages? Or how Chris Knox came to be forever associated with Vogel's Bread? In The Secret Life of Music Publishers we meet the matchmakers and debt-collectors of the music industry. The Dark Arts of the business are laid bare as we find out what music publishers actually do, how that role is expanding, and how publishers go about generating a potentially lucrative income streams for musicians. Music 101 host Kirsten Johnstone talks to: Flash Taylor, Paul McLaney, Chris Gough, Paul Dodge, Ryan McPhun, and Chris Knox from our archive.