Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum

A series of panel discussions recorded before an audience at the Auckland Museum.

2013: Of Gods & Men

Amid the turbulence of modern life the mortals have truly wrested control of the big issues away from the gods.

Join moderators Wallace Chapman, Noelle McCarthy and Russell Brown and some of New Zealand’s top thinkers as they discuss the basic premise that if an ancient god dropped into the Auckland Domain on a Thursday night – just what would they make of the realm they once ruled?

  • Smart Talk: Zeus and Hera - Family and Marriage ( 50′ 16″ )

    The first of a series of panel discussions from the Auckland Museum on the theme of Gods and Men features Dita De Boni, Conrad Reyners and Dr Susan Morton. With Zeus and Hera in mind Noelle McCarthy explores what family and marriage means in 21st century Aotearoa, a place where the only thing nuclear about the family is the way that it has exploded. In a wide-ranging discussion, the group considers the impact of the Marriage Equality Bill.

    From Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum on 17 Nov 2013

  • Smart Talk: Hermes - Communication ( 50′ 34″ )

    Chaired by Russell Brown, this discussion about what communication means today begins with the Greek god Hermes. It features the blogger Rosabel Tan, Judge David Harvey, and Troy Rawhiti-Forbes, Social Media Editor for the New Zealand Herald, all exploring the implications of the buzzing, constant, real-time world in which we now live.

    From Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum on 24 Nov 2013

  • Smart Talk: Demeter - Regrowth and new life ( 47′ 5″ )

    What would the harvest goddess Demeter make of intensive agriculture practices, increasing populations calling on decreasing food supplies and the acceleration with which the earth has warmed? Moderator Wallace Chapman puts this to his guests Professor Dame Anne Salmond, Professor Paul Tapsell, and Professor Michael Walker.

    From Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum on 01 Dec 2013

  • Smart Talk: Tangaroa and Poseidon - our oceans ( 53′ 59″ )

    With the gods Poseidon and Tangaroa in mind, Wallace Chapman talks with marine scientists Dr Rochelle Constantine and Dr Tom Trnski, the musician Don McGlashan and the CEO of Sustainable Coastlines Sam Judd about the oceans which surround us. Among the many issues they traverse is the complex one of how we protect our marine reserves while still sustaining a fishing industry.

    From Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum on 08 Dec 2013

  • Smart Talk: Dionysus - Intoxication ( 53′ 5″ )

    Noelle McCarthy explores the theme of intoxication and the place of alcohol in our culture and lives with Pam Corkery, Norm Hewitt, Ross Bell and Yvonne Lorkin. When the god of wine Dionysus comes calling, most of us are ready. His influence is part of our history, and culture - but at what cost?

    From Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum on 15 Dec 2013

  • Smart Talk: Athena and Ares - War and Violence ( 53′ 10″ )

    Filmmaker Gaylene Preston, writer Nicky Hagar, Professor Kevin Clements (Foundation Chair of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago) and RSA head Dr Stephen Clarke consider the place of conflict in our history and our consciousness with Wallace Chapman. A lively discussion of role of the gods Athena and Ares in our New Zealand history and culture.

    From Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum on 22 Dec 2013

  • Smart Talk: Aphrodite - Beauty ( 53′ 30″ )

    The goddess Aphrodite's power came from her beauty. How relevant is that in the 21st century? Join Noelle McCarthy with the curator and researcher Dr Aroha Yates-Smith, Dr Caroline Daley (Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Auckland), and Colin Mathura-Jeffree (New Zealand model, actor and television host) as they ruminate on whether in a global culture of pin-ups, hook ups and celebrity tweets, appearance is all that matters.

    From Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum on 25 Dec 2013