12 Apr 2017

Songcrush: The Moe Show - Cutting Shapes on the D-Floor

From Songcrush

Children’s music gets a pretty bad rap, and that is somewhat justified. A lot of kiddy tunes stick to the unwritten law that all under-age music must have a cloyingly simple song structure that accompanies brainfreezingly inane lyrics. And thou shall hear those songs over and over and over again. Well, may I share a game changing song that breaks that law! It even has rap verses about shapes! And it is made in New Zealand! ‘Cutting Shapes on the D-Floor features the cast from The Moe Show (a rare species of local children’s television content). The driving synth is perfect for the preschool rave scene, even the auto-tuned chorus from Fern the Fairy is on point. Guaranteed to get the grown-ups bopping their heads, and cracking a knowing smile to some of the Aotearoa hip hop references sprinkled throughout the song. Educational. Infectious. Entertaining. Adorable.

Hell, the whole Moe Album gets a unanimous big and small thumbs up from my household.

 - Yadana Saw