12 Jul 2015

Dubbing was his DigiDestiny

From Standing Room Only, 12:48 pm on 12 July 2015

Joshua Seth s Digimon character Tai crop
Joshua Seth's Digimon character Tai.

Magician and voice actor Joshua SethAmerican voice actor Joshua Seth has been heard in hundreds of video games, commercials and movies over the years. He's something of a specialist in the only type of foreign film and television that gets dubbed into English rather than subtitled: animation. He re-voiced the villain Tetsuo in one of the biggest anime films of all time - the dystopian manga adaptation Akira.

But the role that made his name and still brings in fanmail 15 years later was his role as Tai, the main character of the first two series of anime adventure Digimon. Joshua has also voiced parts in movies like The Spongebob SquarePants Movie over the years, though these days he uses his voice as a hypnotist/magician and he's bringing his show to New Zealand as part of Wellington Armageddon.

He talks to Lynn Freeman about his career the qualities people need to make it in the business.