15 Nov 2015

SaVAge K'Lub

From Standing Room Only, 2:25 pm on 15 November 2015

Back home in Auckland after 15 years away, artist Rosanna Raymond was unpacking boxes when inspiration for her next work arrived. As she removed a fine bone china tea set, she thought; "better have a high tea ceremony…with savages!"Since 2010, Rosanna has been creating art under the name of the SaVAge K'lub, a multi-disciplinary installation and performance vehicle built to discuss ideas of space, hospitality and what it might mean to be a savage in the 21st century. Their latest performance, a tea ceremony at Auckland's St Kevin's Arcade, invited the public to join Rosanna and a tribe of artist to share fancy teas, cakes, dancing, poetry and performance of all kinds.As Rosanna tells Justin Gregory, the aim was to 'institute the non-cannibalistic cognitive consumption of others.