A collection of children's stories available to listen to from Radio New Zealand's Storytime Treasure Chest.

6:08 am on Saturday (11 Jul 2015)

Magic Muffins, by Philippa Werry, told by Davina Whitehouse; Ultra Mega Awesome Surprise, by Maggie Bartlett, told by Miranda Harcourt; Flotsam and Jetsam, by Dugald Ferguson, told by MacGregor Cameron; Northwood, by Brian Falkner, told by Fiona Samuel; Dad takes me Hunting, by Julia Sloane, told by Michael Walley; Somebody's Sister, by Norman Bilbrough, told by Tina Regtien (RNZ)

6:08 am on Sunday (12 Jul 2015)

Picking Puha, written and told by Willie Davis; Surprise, by Joy Cowley, told by Moira Wairama, Tony Hopkins and Prue Langbein; Northwood, by Brian Falkner, told by Fiona Samuel; The Story of a Half Sovereign, by Alan and Jill Bagnall, told by Imogene Bayley; Gertrude Finklebottom and the Deadly Duo, by Michelanne Forster, told by Alice Fraser (RNZ)