A collection of children's stories available to listen to from Radio New Zealand's Storytime Treasure Chest.

6:08 AM Today

If you are the third daughter of a third son, by David Somerset, told by Donna Akersten; Fembird and Weka the Thief, by Chris Winitana, told by Chris Winitana and Tina Kaipara; Wiremu and the Blacksmith, by Hiraina Pakau, told by Jason Te Kare; Binnie La Boo Boo, written and told by Victor Rodger; Life Cycle, by Joy Cowley, told by Moira Wairama, Tony Hopkins and Prue Langbein Girls in the Kapahaka, by Angie Belcher, told by Waimihi Hotere; One Scones, Two Mussels, by John Parker, told by Bruce Phillips (RNZ)

6:08 AM Tomorrow

Stormalong, by David Somerset, told by Glenis Levestam; Oh No, the Hammer, by Mariao Hohaia, told by William Davis; Nigel in the Green Suit, by Charlotte Crowe, told by Stuart Devenie; White Lightning, by Beverley Dunlop, told by Emily Perkins; Rangi and his Dinosaurs, by Katerina Mataira, told by Jim Moriarty; Feathers of Red, Feathers of Green, by Ron Bacon, told by Temuera Morrison; Would you like to be a Parrot? by Barbara Hill, told by Lee Hatherley (RNZ)

6:08 am on Saturday (14 Mar 2015)

King Thrushbeard, by David Somerset, told by Jacqui Dunn; Katarina, by Gavin Bishop, told by Glynnis Paraha; Return To Air, by Liebchen Tamahori, told by Paora Maxwell; Slinki Malinki's Catflaps, by Lynley Dodd, told by Ray Henwood; He Won't Escape Us, by Pauline Cartwright, told by Grant Tilly (RNZ)

6:08 am on Sunday (15 Mar 2015)

What a Dump, by Tony Peet, told by Nicola Kawana; The Woolly Cap, by Mary Parker, told by Lucy Sheehan; Mrs Parata and the Cuckoo, by Ruth Darroch, told by Tanea Heke; The Lizard, by Lesley Marshall, told by Madeleine McNamara; Barney and the Eels, by David Somerset, told by Bernard Kearns; Clickety Clack, by Jean Anderson, told by Katherine Beasley; Will I go to Earth, Mother? by Patrick Hudson, told by Francis Bell (RNZ)