A collection of children's stories available to listen to from Radio New Zealand's Storytime Treasure Chest.

6:08 am on Saturday (06 Sep 2014)

The Bigger They Are, by Edith Souquet, told by William Kircher; Secret of Mrs Hereford's Sparkles, by Wendy Clark, told by Miranda Harcourt; Hip Bath, by Maryann Moss, told by Dulcie Smart; Cliff Minestrone, by Kate de Goldi, told by John Leigh; Cindy and the Lost Jandal, by Chris Gurney, told by Laura Hill; Jason's Extraordinary Hair, by Rachel Hayward, told by Jason Te Kare; The Mountain who Wanted to Live in a House, by Maurice Shadbolt, told by Peter Land

6:08 am on Sunday (07 Sep 2014)

Superstar of Whistling, by Robyn Nathan, told by Ginette McDonald; Zoe's Treasure, by Jean Anderson, told by Geraldine Brophy; Mrs Grump does the Cross Country Roll, by Maggie Bartlett, told by Geraldine Brophy; Auntie Kare, Uncle Sid, by Karen Sidney, told by Nancy Brunning; Horses - End of the Trail, by Karen Sidney, told by Glynnis Paraha; Kelly and Harry, by Jaqualine Chapman, told by Gerald Bryan; Lake Heron, by Bill Rea, told by Robyn Malcolm