A collection of children's stories available to listen to from Radio New Zealand's Storytime Treasure Chest.

6:08 AM Today

The Real Neat Soccer Team, by Norman Bilbrough, told by Brooke Williams; Boy at the Door, by Anthony Holcroft, told by Michael Haigh; Tame and Puti at the Beach, by Apirana Taylor, told by Peter Kaa; Boy at the Door, by Anthony Holcroft, told by Michael Haigh; Book Awards

6:08 am on Saturday (08 Aug 2015)

Your Majesty, by David Hill, told by Jonathan Hendry; Self Help, by Joy Cowley, told by Moira Wairama, Tony Hopkins and Prue Langbein; Book Awards; Rainbow Painted Plane, by Ruth Corrin, told by Anna McPhail; The Fiddle and the Gun, by Margaret Mahy, told by Bruce Phillips; Harry Wakatipu and the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, by Jack Lasenby, told by Stuart Devenie

6:08 am on Sunday (09 Aug 2015)

Biggest Kid in Class, by David Somerset, told by Grant Tilly; Peer Gynt and the Trolls, by David Somerset, told by Peter Vere-Jones; Time of the Mammoths, by Leanne Radojkovich, told by Turei Reedy; Operation Flax, by Diana Noonan, told by Maria Walker; Fishing with Spiderwebs, by Lina Nelisi, told by Tausili Mose; Living in the City, by Phillipa Werry, told by Sean Allen