A collection of children's stories available to listen to from Radio New Zealand's Storytime Treasure Chest.

6:08 am on Saturday (31 Jan 2015)

Sanjay and the Ghost, by David Somerset, told by Michael Haigh; Nicki's Mum, by Dot Meharry, told by Ciara Mulholland; The River of Brown Stones, by Joy Cowley, told by Anne Budd; Og and the Beetles, by Barbara Neale, told by Pat Evison; Grandma Goodfun and Grandma Story, by Janet Slater Bottin, told by Gerald Bryan; A Wish, written and told by Amy Huang; Going Eeling is Always Fun, by Mariao Hohaia, told by Willie Davis (RNZ)

6:08 am on Sunday (01 Feb 2015)

Craftiest Trio, by Pauline Cartwright, told by Bruce Phillips; Johnny was Bored, by Katie Brockie, told by Jim Moriarty; Woven Flax Kete, by Angie Belcher, told by Matu Ngaropo; Captain Cleveland and the Russian Invasion, by David Somerset, told by Peter Vere-Jones; The Shoemaker and the Elves, a traditional tale, told by Ray Henwood; Wiremu - the Master of Wishes, by Eliza Bidois, told by Eliza Bidois and Lawrence Wharero (RNZ)

6:08 am on Saturday (07 Feb 2015)

Cocky, by Robin Nathan, told by Michael Wilson; Mad Dog Pearse and the Aerial Machine, by Murray Reece, told by Kelson Henderson; The Treaty, by Bernard Gadd, told by Riwia Brown; The Frog Footy Player, by Chris Gurney, told by Darlene Mohekey; Kopu Wai the Dog Head Man, by Ron Bacon, told by Temuera Morrison; Having a Kai with Porangi Mack, by Mike Young, told by Laura Brinkman (RNZ)

6:08 am on Sunday (08 Feb 2015)

Old Man and the Cat, by Anthony Holcroft, told by Ray Henwood; The Very Short Forest, by Denise Potbury, told by Jarrod Rawiri; Mid River Rescue, by Fleur Beale, told by Mark Hadlow; Shark Goggles and Dog Pooh Jam, by Emma Neale, told by Beulah Koale; Song of the Digger, by Barbara Hill, told by Alison Wall; Pied Piper of Hamelin, by Robert Browning, told by Dick Weir (RNZ)