A collection of children's stories available to listen to from Radio New Zealand's Storytime Treasure Chest.

6:08 AM Today

Poor Dad, by Judith Holloway, told by Fiona Samuel; Rough on Rats, by David Somerset, told by Peter Vere-Jones; Shooting Star, written and told by Apirana Taylor; Wooden Fish, by Tim Tipene, told by Dave Fane; Three Cheers for Lilly, by Halcyone Rust, told by Emma Dee; Harold tells a Ghost Story, by Roger Hall, told by Bruce Phillips (RNZ)

6:08 am on Saturday (06 Jun 2015)

Lost At Sea, by Susan Devereux, told by Claire Dougan; The Fish Shop Fire, by Robin Nathan, told by Michael Haigh; The Check Shirt Bird, by David Somerset, told by Peter Vere-Jones; Nuku's Ghost, by Glenys Syrett, told by Dick Weir; The Hodja and the Judge, by David Somerset, told by Fiona Samuel; Climbing The Vine, by Apirana Taylor, told by Miriama Ketu, Apirana Taylor and Ella Marsh (RNZ)

6:08 am on Sunday (07 Jun 2015)

Kiss Kiss Yuk Yuk, by Kyle Mewburn, told by George Henare; The Great Queen's Birthday Shemozzle, by Judith Holloway, told by Jennifer Ludlam; How to sell a Donkey, by Dorothy Butler, told by Megan Edwards; Hugo's Pet, by Margaret Mahy, told by Katherine Beasley (RNZ)