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New Zealand stories for children.

Saturdays from 6:00am to 7:00am, and Sundays from 6:00am to 7:00am

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21 January 2017

I Bet I Can, by Linda McIntyre, told by Lloyd Scott; Granny Gibson, by Fleur Beale, told by Kate Harcourt; The Silkies, by Anthony Holcroft, told by Theresa Healey; Henny Penny, by Trad, told by Anne Budd; Duck Walk, by Joy Cowley, told by Desmond Kelly; Koro's Medicine, by Melanie Drewery, told by Laughton Kora & Tina Cook (RNZ)

22 January 2017

Free as a Bird, by David Hill, told by Bronwyn Bradley; Kakama the Brave Piwaiwaka, by Mike Young, told by Willie Davis; In Trouble Again, by Mariao Hohaia, told by Willie Davis; The Monkey Child, by David Somerset, told by Dick Weir; The Girl, the Horse, and the Wizard, written and told by Michael Wilson; The Tree Doctor, by Margaret Mahy, told by Sima Urale; No Cats For Me, by Roger Hall, told by Gerald Bryan (RNZ)

28 January 2017

Ihu Nui, written and told by Eliza Bidois; Texting Monster, by Norman Bilbrough, told by Helen Moulder; Firefly, by Margaret Beames, told by Robert Pollock; Orpheus and his Lyre, by David Somerset, told by Michael Haigh; Johnny was Bored, by Katie Brockie, told by Jim Moriarty; Tharos, by Sandra Maskell, told by Janet Fisher (RNZ)

29 January 2017

Flag Race, by Juliet Whetter, told by Lorae Parry; Jennifer and the Dragon, by Pat Wilson, told by Megan Edwards; No Joke, by David Hill, told by Kelson Henderson; The Splashing of the Hippopotamus, by David Somerset, told by Dick Weir; A Hangi for my Birthday, by Nancy Patulski, told by Tim Balme; How the King and Queen Came to Live on a Houseboat; by Pauline Cartwright, told by Davina Whitehouse (RNZ)

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