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New Zealand stories for children.

Saturdays from 6:00am to 7:00am, and Sundays from 6:00am to 7:00am

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24 June 2017

A Stranger in the House, by David Somerset, told by Bernard Kearns; Billy the Kid, by Judith Holloway, told by Lloyd Scott; New Hope (From refugee series 'New Hope' 4 of 5); Treasure Deep, by David Hill, told by Miriama McDowell, Peter Busby, Fiona Collins, Desiree Cheer, Karl Kite Rangi; A Boy Called Mohi (From refugee series 'New Hope' 5 of 5); Whitebait Fritters, by Kingi McKinnon, told by Willie Davis (RNZ)

25 June 2017

The Fur Hunters, by David Somerset, told by Rena Owen; Whirikoki and his Seal, by Mere Clark, told by Nancy Brunning; Supermarket Special, by Philippa Werry, told by Mark Hadlow; Changing Places, by Bill Nagelkerke, told by Tandi Wright; Weaving Together, by Dawn McMillan, told by Amy Tarleton; Sleepy Legs, by Michael Wilson, told by Carol Smith; Trying for the Triathlon, by Philippa Werry, told by Shimpal Lelisi (RNZ)

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