A collection of children's stories available to listen to from Radio New Zealand's Storytime Treasure Chest.

6:08 am on Saturday (26 Jul 2014)

Dinosaur Event, by Norman Bilbrough, told by Helen Moulder; Wheturangi, written and told by Eliza Bidois; Back where you came from, by David Hill, told by Jane Waddell; Dance For Me, by Dot Meharry, told by Miriama McDowell; The Pukeko with the Broken Wing, by Beverly Dunlop, told by Emily Perkins; A Tale of Many Tadpoles, by David Somerset, told by Robyn Malcolm

6:08 am on Sunday (27 Jul 2014)

The Woodcutter and Death, by David Somerset, told by Peter Vere-Jones; The Great Pumpkin Battle, by Fleur Beale, told by Megan Edwards; It's all about positive thinking, by Mariao Hohaia, told by Willie Davis; Papa's Island, by Melanie Drewery, told by Sally Stockwell; Watch Out Snail, by Gay Hay, told by James Nokise; Bludger, by Diana Noonan, told by Carol Smith