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Wednesday 13 January 2010, with Simon Morton & Rowan Quinn



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Top stories for Wednesday 13 January 2010

7:00 AM.Mother of DUI vicitim says police as culpable as driver; Protestors plan to build on occupied land; When will Telecom customers get their money back?; Govt invites owners of certain diesel cars to complain; Kiwis revolutionise dairy farming in Missouri.

Mother of DUI vicitim says police as culpable as driver

7:10 AM.The mother of a man killed along with two others by a drunk driver who could have been stopped by police, says the officers are just as responsible as the driver.

Protestors plan to build on occupied land

7:14 AM.Maori protestors occupying private land at Taipa in Northland say they aim to reclaim all privately-owned land in the area for their iwi Ngati Kahu.

When will Telecom customers get their money back?

7:16 AM.1400 former Telecom customers are still owed money, after the company overcharged customers by a total of $9.5 million.

Sports news for 13 January 2010

7:23 AM.An update from the team at RNZ Sport.

Govt invites owners of certain diesel cars to complain

7:26 AM.Now here's something you don't hear every day - the government wants people to complain... That's if their new diesel vehicle engine dies because of fuel contamination.

Kiwis revolutionise dairy farming in Missouri

7:41 AM.Dairy farmers in Missouri are crediting New Zealand migrants with bringing an on-farm revolution to the US state in the face of their dwindling economic prospects.

Moral attitudes flexible when it comes to internet use

7:47 AM.It's changed the way we communicate with one another, how we shop, do our banking and even find romance, so it seems fitting the we're now developing a new moral code around using the internet.

Crop of the Day: Spud

7:51 AM.Potato industry experts are estimating a loss of up to $47 million as the pest psyllid continues to spread.


7:54 AM.With Peter Griffin.

Police defend pursuits after report into 2005 fatalities

8:10 AM.The Independent Police Conduct Authority says officers could have prevented a drunk driver killing three young people and seriously injuring two others in Taranaki in 2005.

Alastair Campbell defends Iraq war dossier

8:14 AM.Alastair Campbell, the most prominent figure to appear before Britain's inquiry into the Iraq war, has defended a 2002 dossier which alleged Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Aussie govt challenged to take action against Japanese whalers

8:17 AM.In Australia, the Opposition party is challenging the Government to take legal action against Japanese whalers.

Land occupiers target all private land in iwi area

8:21 AM.Protestors occupying private land at Taipa in Northland say their aim is to reclaim all privately-owned land in the area for their Ngati Kahu iwi.

Sports news for 13 January 2010

8:25 AM.An update from the team at RNZ Sport.

Companies' optimism doesn't mean more jobs

8:27 AM.A survey by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research shows companies are increasingly optimistic about the economy.

Kapiti bar backs down on under-20 ban

8:30 AM.The Kapiti bar that tried to ban under 20-year-olds after a chaotic opening night has backed down.

Fraudsters easily steal New Zealand addresses

8:34 AM.To open a bank account or even get a library card, you have to produce identification and proof of address. But to register a company in New Zealand, all you need is access to the Internet.

New Zealanders slow to use online travel and holilday services

8:36 AM.If your Christmas travel and holidays were booked on-line, then you were among a minority of New Zealanders that did so, according to TradeMe.


8:40 AM.We've sent out our reporter Kate Gudsell to find out what's going on at major theatres around the country.

Off the Beaten Track: Northland's Treehouse Backpackers

8:42 AM.Sleeping in a bus isn't everyone's idea of a quality accommodation, but at one of New Zealand's first backpacker lodges on the northern shores of the Hokianga harbour - its simply one of the treats.

Place names: Governors

8:51 AM.Hobson, Grey, Eyre, Gore: with Peter Dowling, editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'.

New Te Papa CEO's plans for the museum

9:11 AM.The new head of Te Papa, the national museum in Wellington, has just been named.

What's Going On: Hola Mexico Film Festival

9:17 AM.Well the sun hasn't turned up much these holidays which is all the more reason to get to the cinema, escape to warmer climes and check out what's happening in the Mexican film industry.

What's going on:"Balls of Steel"

9:20 AM.Whanganui is playing host to a race with an international flavour this evening as New Zealand takes on Australia at side-car racing in the"Balls of Steel"speed-fest event.

Bugs: Headlice

9:27 AM.Bug of the day: headlice!

World's Smallest penguin - the little blue penguin

9:35 AM.The world's smallest penguin, the little blue penguin, has been making its home around New Zealand's coastline for generations.

Rowan Quinn on the Kauri Coast - Part 2

9:39 AM.Rowan's back on the West Coast of Northland. Today she's at Maunganui Bluff.

All Whites prepare for World Cup

9:51 AM.Now it's only a couple of months until the world cup - the first time since 1982 the All Whites have competed.

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Wednesday 13 January 2010

What's going on:

Yachting, Lyttleton

Balls of Steel, Wanganui

Mexican Film Festival, Auckland

Place to be: Treehouse Backpackers, Hokianga Harbour

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Crop of the day: Spuds, Manawatu


Bird of the day: Little Blue Penguin

LIttle blue penguin

Bug of the day: Head lice

Head lice