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Thursday 12 January 2012, with Tim Graham & Susie Ferguson



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Divers waiting for swells to ease before assessing Rena

7:09 AM.Divers are waiting for better conditions at sea before going out to assess the sinking stern of the containership, Rena.

Cleanup on Waihi Beach under way

7:10 AM.On Waihi Beach, the locals are taking over much of the responsibility for the clean-up there.

Gerry Brownlee offside with Chch business community

7:14 AM.The Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee, is offside with the business community in Christchurch over the decision to permanently relocate nearly 500 public servants outside of the central business district.

Wife killer insists he isn't a risk and never has been

7:17 AM.A man who killed his wife and took 12 years to reveal her whereabouts, insists he isn't a risk and never has been.

Driest start to year for Southland farmers

7:19 AM.Officials meet again today to discuss the driest start to a year that many can remember in Southland.

Pilbara in lockdown ahead of Cyclone Heidi

7:24 AM.To Western Australia, where people have been ordered not to go outside in Port Hedland ahead of the arrival of Tropical Cyclone Heidi.

Sports News for 12 January 2012

7:28 AM.An update from the team at RNZ Sport.

Three incidents in Ross Sea spark calls for protected area

7:37 AM.The third fishing vessel incident in the Ross Sea in a little over a year has sparked fresh calls for the area to be protected.

Foreign Minister sounds cautious note over Fiji regime

7:41 AM.The Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, says he is disappointed that Fiji brought in a new public order decree just before the public emergency regulations were lifted last week.

Burma's opposition leader will run for parliament

7:44 AM.Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has confirmed she will run for a parliamentary seat in the by-elections in April.

Thousands of animals stay in 'pet motels' over summer

7:49 AM.Every summer thousands of animals are put into boarding kennels - or pet motels as they're also known. Occupancy rates can hit 100 per cent at this time of year.

New developments in technology

7:56 AM.Our science commentator Peter Griffin is with us.

Latest on clean-up from Rena

8:09 AM.While divers have not been able to get to the wreckage of the stricken containership, Rena, the clean-up on the land continues.

Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire primary

8:14 AM.To the United States now where Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has had a big win over his rivals in the New Hampshire Primary.

Otago harbour dredging on track to court

8:20 AM.Dredging plans for Otago harbour appear to be heading to court after mediation between the port company and opposing groups was only partially successful.

Government ministries at odds over sealion research

8:22 AM.Government ministries appear to be at odds over research into the effect of squid fishing on the population of sea lions.

Weather outlook

8:25 AM.Dan Corbett from the Met Service is on the line.

Sports News for 12 January 2012

8:27 AM.An update from the team at RNZ Sport.

Markets Update for 12 January 2012

8:33 AM.A brief update of movements in the financial sector.

Let's talk movies

8:34 AM.With Dominic Corry.

Three Olympic spots available for cycling sprint team

8:37 AM.With only three Olympic spots up for grabs for the members of New Zealand's cycling sprint team, the motivation for claiming one has never been stronger for 20-year-old Ethan Mitchell.

An abandoned town with tales of ghosts and gold

8:44 AM.Waiuta on the South Island's West Coast was once a township said to be literally paved with gold - concealed in the crushed rock walkways around a mine that still ranks as one of New Zealand's richest.

Modern twist on old-fashioned sour cocktail

8:54 AM.We look at a twist on one of the original cocktails, the Sour.

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07:25 Newspapers from the main centres

07:45 Boarding kennels

Carol Stiles on a dog's life while you're on holiday

07:55 Science

Peter Griffin with the latest news

08:00 News

08:25 Weather and sports news

08:33 Things to do: Movies

Dominic Corry on this year's big box office films

08:40 Olympians

Lisa Thompson talks to cyclist Ethan Mitchell

 08:45 Ghost town

Geoff Moffett visits Waiuta

08:55 Cocktails

Justin McKenzie makes a So Frickin' Over It cocktail






Lisa Thompson talks to cyclist Ethan Mitchell