21 Sep 2014

Stuart Robertson, Hands for Peace

From Sunday Morning, 11:40 am on 21 September 2014

Lucy Lawless Actor Lucy Lawless Actor Los Angeles born NZ Peace in Hands
Actor Lucy Lawless, Los Angeles born New Zealand - Peace in 10000 Hands.

New Zealand photographer Stuart Robertson’s 10,000 Hands for Peace is a global art project on a massive scale. Stuart has photographed people such as Ricky Gervais, Jamie Lee Curtis and a host of Hollywood stars holding a simple white rose – a symbol of peace – in their hands.

He's photographed Indian sadhus, tattooed gangsters and Maori kuia. It's an extraordinary collection of faces and hands and it's designed to re-invigorate the conversation about the need for peace.

Wallace speaks to him about his installation at the Auckland War Memorial Museum for International Peace Day.

Gallery: 10,000 Hands for Peace project