29 Nov 2015

Bill McKibben - Global climate change and Paris talks

From Sunday Morning, 7:08 am on 29 November 2015

The UN climate change talks in Paris called COP21 get under way tomorrow - large marches are planned globally as people are demanding world leaders commit to effectively tackle global warming. And thousands have taken to the streets around New Zealand, calling for climate justice. Bill McKibben wrote the first book about global warming for a general audience - it was published in 1989 - it was called The End of Nature. Bill is the co-founder of 350.org - a massive global grassroots organisation with environmental and social justice goals that forms a network of people active across 188 countries. He's helped organise more than 20-thousand rallies around the world. So did he ever think this would become such a big issue since he first published his book 26 years ago…