20 Mar 2016

Is fascism on the rise?

From Sunday Morning, 7:10 am on 20 March 2016
Donald Trump

In recent months dozens of articles have been published by mainstream news organisations asking the question: Is Donald Trump a fascist?

The answers from the likes of the Washington Post, CNN and the Huffington Post vary, but the fact that they're asking the question tells us something interesting about the times in which we're living.

Wallace Chapman discusses the rise of the populist right in Europe and the USA with Victoria University academics Giacomo Lichtner, Hilde Coffe and Xavier Marquez:

Fascism Panel

Giacomo Lichtner, Hilde Coffe and Xavier Marquez Photo: supplied

Giacomo Lichtner is a historian whose most recent book was on fascism in Italian film; Hilde Coffe is associate professor of comparative politics; and Xavier Marquez is a senior lecturer in political theory.