Te Ahi Kaa

Sunday 24 May 2015, with Justine Murray

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Skin Writing Season One Episodes 3,4 and 5 features in this week's Te Ahi Kaa.

For copyright reasons, not all of this audio is available online.

Albert Belz - Playwright

Ta moko RNZ Justine MurraySkin Writing follows the drama of three central characters, Niwa Te Aratapu, Pushy Te Aratapu and Matt Tewano. The serial drama was produced by Jason Te Kare as a radio drama platform for new emerging māori writers. 
Award winning Playwrights Briar Grace Smith and Albert Belz were the first to write episodes for the first season.

Digital Wairua, Z is for Gypsy and Grasshopper Leaps was written by Albert Belz (nō Ngāti Pōrou, Ngā Puhi and Ngāti Pokai).  He admits that writing for radio drama allowed him to condense the script for on air broadcast as opposed to working with more time when writing for the stage.  He talks to Justine Murray about the Skin Writing episodes and how he comes up with story ideas.Skin Writing eating stuff

With Theatre I give different kinds of instructions,  I'm thinking more of the image. In radio I'm thinking how is it going to sound, what kind of audio is going to happen here, and what does the producer  or director need to see in their minds.

Albert Belz spent most of his life in Auckland, but grew up in Whakatane and Minginui in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.  After a short stint playing Dr Ropata's Nephew Manny on Shortland Streeet in 1995, he turned down a second offer to play his character in the hospital drama, to focus on University.  In 2001, Albert started his career as a writer for the screen and stage and a stint as a story liner on Shortland Street. His work includes his debut play Te Maunga (2001), Awhi Tapu (2003) Yours Truly (2006) Te Karakia, Whero's New Net (2008) and the Show band Musical Raising the Titanics (2010).

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