Te Ahi Kaa

Sunday 25 January 2015, with Maraea Rakuraku & Justine Murray

Sunday, 25 January 2015

‘Ma Whero Ma Pango, Ka oti ai te mahi’.

‘With Co-operation the work will be complete’

This weeks whakatāuki is explained by Zoey Martin-Hawke nō Ngāti Hako, Ngāti Pāoa.

Ratana Pa temple
Temepara Tapu, The Holy Temple at Ratana Pa.

The annual pilgrimage to Ratana Pa is,  for thousands of Morehu (Ratana followers),  a must-do over the summer period.  Daily whakamoemiti (prayer) sessions are held in The Holy Temple, political parties attend to debate current issues, and those gathered participate in talent quests, sports competitions and Kapahaka. The birthday of Ratana founder Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana is celebrated on the 25th January. In an archival recording of He Rerenga Kōrero from 1987, Haare Williams outlines the history of the faith, and Rapina Aperahama talks about the structure and symbolism of Temepara Tapu, The Holy Temple.  

Audio from Sunday 25 January 2015

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  • Whakatāuki mo 25 o Kohitātea (January) 2015 ( 50″ )

    18:06 Mā Whero, Mā Pango, Ka oti ai te mahi. With Co-operation the work shall be completed. This weeks whakatāuki is explained by Zoey Martin-Hawke nō Ngāti Paoa, Ngāti Hako.

  • Dr Tony Ruakere - A Colourful Career ( 23′ 30″ )

    18:07 There is both a serious and fun side to the career of Dr Anthony Ansley Ruakere, better known as Dr Tony Ruakere. There's the hitch-hiking trips he made from Taranaki to Dunedin to attend Medical school, there is the 'Rolls Royce' days when he ran his own practise in Opunake, and the years he spent running the Te Atiawa Medical Centre with several thousand patients on their files. Now in his seventies, Dr Ruakere is well retired, he recalls his time growing up at Puniho Pa as one of thirteen kids, and a few of his career highlights.

  • Zoey Martin-Hawke ( 6′ 35″ )

    18:30 Creating a Smoke free Aotearoa by 2025 is the mission of Te Ara Hā Ora Manager Zoey Martin-Hawke, helped along by the contribution of the former co-leader of the Māori Party, Dame Tariana Turia. As the former Associate Health Minister, Turia introduced legislation that resulted in retailers removing public displays of cigarettes and increased excise Tax. This week it was announced that Dame Tariana Turia is the recipient of the Luther L Terry award for her work on a political front on Tobacco control. Zoey Martin-Hawke talks about her contribution and the impact upon her role now that she is no longer in parliament.

  • Ngā Tāonga Korero - Ratana Pa and The Holy Temple ( 14′ 39″ )

    18:36 In an archival recording from 1987, Haare Williams presents He Rerenga Korero, the episode delves into the History of the Ratana faith, and the architectural design of Temepara Tapu, The Holy Temple as explained by Rapina Aperahama.

Dr Tony Ruakere
Dr Tony Ruakere at his home, New Plymouth.

Dr Tony Ruakere was raised on the family farm at Puniho Pa, Taranaki.  In the 1960’s Dr Ruakere attended Medical School at Otago University, getting there didn’t seem to be a problem for the now-retired GP, he clocked up 31 trips, having hitch-hiked from Taranaki to Dunedin, it took him two days,  he graduated from Medical School in 1970. He set up a private practise in Opunake and got so busy that he roped in his mate Paratene Ngata (1946-2009) to help out, thirteen years on,  he realised his people were in need of health services so, in the 1990’s he set up the now defunct Te Atiawa Medical Centre.  In 2014, Dr Ruakere was honoured in the Queen's Birthday Honours list and was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Justine Murray visits Dr Ruakere at his home in New Plymouth.

When it comes to creating a tobacco free Aotearoa, the political work and lobbying of Dame Tariana Turia has proved invaluable for organisations that include The Smokefree Coalition, The National Heart Foundation and Hapai Hauora.  Zoey Martin-Hawke is the National Māori Tobacco Leadership Service Manager for He Ara Hā Ora, which operates as part of Auckland based, Hapai Hauora. The organisation was one of three who nominated Turia for an international award, this week she was named as a recipient of the Luther L Terry award. Ms Hawke talks about the contribution made by the former co-leader of the Māori Party and the impact of her absence from  parliament, after she stepped down in 2014.


He Kōrero Tāpiri - An additional kōrero with Dr Tony Ruakere.

Name: Anthony Ansley Ruakere
Place of Birth:  New Plymouth, I was one of thirteen, my mum was one of nineteen children.
Favourite Food/Kai – Kaanga wai (fermented corn) and kina (sea urchin)
Favourite colour: I don’t know, blue has always attracted me but I like blondes too!
Favourite Music – I like ah, who is that fella? Sam Smith he is my favourite, I listen to the Breeze. I used to listen to Howard Morrsion, all those old ones. Eddie Low, my cousin Robin Ruakere, when we lived in Wellington in our dingy flat those were the Rock n Roll days. We weren’t great students but you know in that flat we had Whatarangi Winiata then he went overseas, Eddie Durie, we all had humble beginnings yet we did alright.
An important lesson you learned: – I never took notice of people who said that you’ll would never make it. I knew I would always make it.  It depends on the engine inside, that’s what drives everyone. You can achieve anything, I never let anything or anyone douse it.
A talent you possess that is relatively unknown – Well, we had a flat of brilliant musicians, the Tangaere family from the Coast, the Turner family from Ngāti Maniapoto.
Favourite Book – Vikings of the Sunrise, Te Rangi Hiroa.
Who Inspires you? – Paratene Ngata, Mason Durie, all my leaders from Parihaka.
A film that everyone needs to watch? - I wish Anne was here, she would know  (long pause)... Blazing Saddles!”


Waiata featured:    ‘Perception’ performed by Electric Wire Hustle from the album Every Waking Hour (2009).