29 Jun 2017

Debating the freeze - RNZ funding under scrutiny

From The House, 10:35 pm on 29 June 2017

Earlier this year a 32 thousand strong petition was rolled out from the Parliament steps and delivered to MPs. It called for an end to the Government’s then 8½ year long funding freeze on Radio New Zealand.


The petition's objective was achieved last month when the Government's budget for 2017/18 included an 11.4 million dollar increase for RNZ, spread over four years. That did not satisfy Peter Thompson, chair of the Coalition for Better Broadcasting, who welcomed the money but says it wasn’t enough.


Once petitions are received by parliament they are allocated to a Select Committee for consideration. The RNZ funding petition has now reached the Commerce Committee who heard evidence from the petitioners, from RNZ's chairman Richard Griffin, and from the ministry which funds it.

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Green MP Gareth Hughes listens to Peter Thompson, Chair of the Coalition for Better Broadcasting Photo: VNP / Phil Smith