27 Dec 2015

Media: Photographer Jane Ussher

From The Weekend, 9:06 am on 27 December 2015

A new book has created a portrait of New Zealand churches, thanks to the work of photographer Jane Ussher.

Jane Ussher has photographed New Zealand's newsmakers, personalities, politicians and quiet achievers and is best known for her many years photographing people for The Listener.

She has now created a book focused on New Zealand's churches, called Worship: A History of New Zealand Church Design.

RNZ's Lynn Freeman chatted with Jane about the book, photographing politicians and the shift towards digital photography.

Jane said she found photographing buildings to be particularly difficult, but there wasn't one church that she didn't fall in love with.

"Each one was a really fulfilling experience... Some of them were big and grey, and some of them were smaller than a bedroom. They each had their own charm."

She had grave concerns many of the churches she photographed would not be around in another 50 years, she said.

"We simply haven't seen the full extent of what's happening with earthquake strengthening."