9 Jan 2016

Choosing Clean Water

From The Weekend, 8:10 am on 9 January 2016

“We’re seeing all over the country that people are really engaged and really passionate about their waterways” - Marnie Prickett

Choose Clean Water Tour

Members of the Choose Clean Water Tour with Arthur Bowen from the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group Photo: Facebook

Does New Zealand have a freshwater crisis?

The Choose Clean Water Tour is a group of conservationists and filmmakers travelling the country, documenting the state of our waterways and aiming to draw attention to our country's diminishing water quality.

The group is travelling down the east coast of both islands, then up the west, finally finishing in Waitangi on Waitangi Day. They will film their travels, engaging with locals to find out about what's polluting our streams, lakes and rivers and what people are doing to restore them.

Marnie Prickett is prt of the touring group, who will soon stop to see Jill Roberts in Geraldine. Jill has seen the water quality of the local river decline significantly over the last ten years.

Lynn Freeman talks with Marnie and Jill.